Soul Alignment Coach. Intuitive Consultant. Spiritual Mentor.

Unleash Your Mind, Unleash Your World

Uma has been on the spiritual path all her life. She has practiced several religions from childhood and been mentored by the finest spiritual teachers in the world. Her greatest teacher though is LIFE which took her from a self defeating, self sabotaging mindset to thriving in success and abundance with a high level of confidence.
Her speaking engagements focus on a myriad of topics that blend the spiritual realms with our everyday reality. 
In this line of work we the lightworkers and truth bearers walk a fine line between being a natural and a professional. Many times I have heard that if someone does this then it is an innate talent and they cannot be trained. I tend to believe it is a bit of both. 
We are all naturally skilled in psychic ability but it takes time, focus, concentration and mentorship to truly make us exceptional at what we do. I have been sensitized with the clair senses in seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing as well as mediumship since I was a child. When I was working in other professions, it was enough to draw on my natural abilities to help me in the day to day world. 
However when I took on the work of a mystic, it became imperative to me to receive mentorship from the best I could find. I didn't just owe it to myself, I owed it to you my clients and students to provide the best experience I could using the best of my abilities.
I am very grateful for the people who have taught me along the way and persevered as I grew in my gifts. I honor them and the institutions I have trained at below:

Uma's Formal Certified Training and Experience:

1) Trance Channeler

2) Professional Evidential Medium

3) Psychic

4) ​Certified Professional Life Coach

5) Certified Hypnotist

6) Certified Past Life Regression Therapist

7) Access Bars Facilitator

8) Access Bars Practitioner

9) Access Energetic Facelift Facilitator

10) Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner

11) Access Body Processes Practitioner

12) Access Consciousness Foundations 

13) Integrated Energy Therapy Facilitator (IET)

14) Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner (IET)

15) Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher

16) Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher

17) Komyo Reiki Master Teacher

18) Emotion Code Practitioner

19) Bach Flower Therapy Practitioner

20) Basic Theta Healer

21) Advanced Theta Healer

22) Certified Aromatherapist (level I)

23) Certified Aromatherapist (level II)

24) DoTerra Wellness Advocate

25) Registered Yoga Teacher

26) Registered Practitioner of Tuning Fork Therapy® Level 1

27) Registered Facilitator of Tuning Fork Therapy® Level 1

28) Registered Practitioner of Tuning Fork Therapy® Level 2

29) Certified Reflexologist

30) VA Board Licensed Massage Therapist

31) Certified Angel Card Reader

32) Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader

33) Certified Realm Reader

34) Munay Ki Shamanic Practitioner

35) Institute of Shamanic Studies-Basic Shamanic Weekend Workshop

36) Institute of Shamanic Studies- Advanced Shamanic Weekend Workshop

37) Rain Drop Therapy Practitioner

38) Aromatouch Therapy Practitioner 

39) Hot Stones Certified Practitioner

40) Deep Tissue Certified Practitioner

41) Prenatal Certified Practitioner

42) EFT Level 1 Practitioner 

43) Certified Angel Guide  

I am appreciative of the training, wisdom and experience of my mentors who have taken me to advanced levels beyond my own learning. I wish to publicly acknowledge them here in forever gratitude for working with me and believing in me:

1) Mavis Pittila

2) Rev. Janet Nohavec

3) John Holland

4) Dr. Brian Weiss

5) Francine Milford

6) Eileen Davies

7) Colin Bates

8) John Johnson

9) Kitty Woud

10) Sandie Baker

11) Matthew Smith

12) Radleigh Valentine

13) Deepak Chopra

14) Wake and Kinlen Wheeler

15) Swami Asoknanda

16) Swami Satchidinanda

17) Rev. Wanda Lasseter Lundy

18) Doreen Virtue

19) Andrea Hess 

20) Rev. Mychael Shane 

21) Dana and Shana Robinson

22) Rebecca Norris

23) Tim Horn

24) Betsy McLoughlin

25) Gina Maybury

26) Dr. Andrew Gardella

27) Georgia Mueller LaCroix

28) David Byrnside 

29) Barbara Binney 

30) Karen Beleck

31) Marie Rose Mbinack

32) Dr. David Frawley

33) Yogini Shambhavi

34) Mary Phelan 

2018 Stellar Woman Award Nominee
-Virginia Women's Business Conference