Uma Alexandra Beepat- Author

Uma has written the following books on Amazon. If you are in the Manassas area you can meet with Uma for an autograph or bring your copy to any event she is at, she is always welcoming and excited to meet her readers! 

The Awakened Life 


This is a book based on the lessons learned for one spiritual healer in her work with her clients and students. Uma's personal journey of learning and spiritual growth is geared for the reader to use in their own lives and hopefully gain knowledge and insight into their own struggles on their path to enlightenment.

Reiki I: Shoden Training


This is the manual for Uma's Reiki I Class and Attunement. It goes over all the theory and practices needed for a Reiki I Healer. The information is to be shared with everyone but to become a Reiki healer you must receive an attunement by a Reiki Master. Uma would love to attune you! Find her contact info at the back of the book to inquire about classes.

Reiki II: Okuden Degree 


Reiki II manual is for students taking Reiki classes and attunements from Uma Alexandra Beepat of Lotus Wellness Center LLC.

E-BOOK: Life as a Psychic Medium: 5 Tips to Living with your Psychic Abilities

Having psychic abilities is a natural talent within each of us. Taking those abilities for granted or ignoring them, only leads to a difficult life. Instead, find out why having psychic ability is a blessing and what you can do with it. 

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