Soul Alignment Coach. Intuitive Consultant. Spiritual Mentor. 


Uma Alexandra Beepat uses her intuitive gifts of clairvoyance (inner seeing), clairaudience (inner hearing), clairsentience (feeling) and claircognizance (knowing) to discover truths, share wisdom and assist in all matters of life issues. It is spiritual apprehension, discerning and sharing of truth beyond the intellect. ​

The predictions and messages she gives are intensely accurate and come through with great clarity in her readings and healing sessions. Uma uses a variety of angel, tarot and oracle cards in her sessions as a point of focus with her spirit communication. Uma also provides evidential mediumship sessions where she connects you to your loved ones on the other side. 

As a consciousness coach, Uma serves her clients by helping them move through distractions, limiting beliefs and emotional blockages by using spiritual awareness, intuition and coaching techniques so they can achieve the breakthroughs they need to get ahead. 


Uma provides services at The Lotus and The Light Metaphysical Center in Manassas, VA  and also online or by phone/Zoom sessions.

Uma is available to travel teach and speak at events. Contact her today to book your session or have her come out to your event! 

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Sessions can be done in person if you are in the area or through or over the phone/skype for long distance clients.

Please contact us for any personal queries

DISCLAIMER: Information you receive from any sessions with Uma is for personal or entertainment purposes only. It is NOT intended to replace any medical, legal, psychological, or other professional advice. Uma will not be held responsible for decisions or actions made by anyone based upon services, consultations or communications received.  Clients are expected to be held responsible for the choices and actions they make.